The More You Have Experience With Women. The More Cynical You’ll Become. And There’s Nothing You Can Do About That.

“Yeah! I know they’re all beautiful, but what if they don’t care?”

All you have to do is to just accept the fate and move on with your life.

If you’ve approached up to five hundred girls as at now (not your school mates), then you might have been realizing some little changes in your destiny. (Nope! Not everything is being written from heaven. We all stupidly put some shit in our life).

And these changes has nothing to do with you being fucked. It’s just that these experience is now forming a new perspective in the way you might have never considered. And for you to keep beating yourself up for this “new flash” of life will only make you more critical.

“I wanted to date many women, and now am hating myself for wasting my time on them. What the flying shit is that?”

You just have to put yourself aside and experience everything that is coming your way (either good or bad) without you being attached to any members of them. And if you think you still don’t understand my point; here is a clear conscience method:

“You’re on a date with this beautiful girl. You really like her and that’s the main reason you’re there. But after some minutes, you realize she’s feeling uneasy. And you decided to let her know.

“What’s up babe, it seem as if you’re not comfortable here.”

“Hum well, not really, am just wondering you haven’t buy anything since we’re here.”

Well, not bad! You excuse yourself and come back with “two table water” and you can see from her expression that she’s murmuring.

And as you’re uncoupling the cover, you asked her if she’s enjoying her day anyway. But she replied and said:

“Is this what you’re buying?”

Without surprised you said “yeah.”

“No! Am not okay with that. You can get me food if you want.”

“Food! Really. Anyway, am okay with this and beside, can we get to know each other.”

She didn’t seem enthusiastic anymore and you’re more than happy to see her true colors. So you abruptly just said that “so because am not buying food, you don’t feel like talking again?”

And she asked you if you really brought her there because you want to know her and you were like what the fuck. Am here to know you better. And she stared at you for a moment before heading out.

“Just because I didn’t buy you drink, you’re turning your back on me. Can you just please loo . . loo . . loo . . . look back?”

No! You didn’t say a word because that ain’t your first time seeing women reacting that way. So you let her go.”

Such experience really make you annoyed, but once you get used to it, nothing seem special again, and you start seeing most women in a cynical lense.

And not because you’re just a small minded person, but because you’ll be expecting the worse from people. You won’t be anymore surprised when someone show you the reality behind their facades life.

And with all this being said, you’ll start wondering what is happening to you. As if you can’t relate better with people anymore. And for the girls, you’ll start raising your guard up anytime you’re getting to know them. You’ll started seeing through all the bullshit they can be putting men into. And you’ll realize that now, women will be scarce in your life because you just can’t put up with their fucking lifestyles.

And believe me, just because you don’t necessarily have a regular girlfriend doesn’t mean you need to adopt an abundance mindset. Nope! Leave that to those who fake it before they make it.

But for you, you are real and sincere. You know from the deep of your heart that not having a girlfriend mean jack shit. You go out there and approach women at any fucking time, it’s just that you hardly feel connected to them. And when that special one really comes in, right from the beginning, you realize that, if she can follow through, at least, you can get to know each other. And if she declined, then, safe journey to the both party. You’re not there to entertain any fucking body. She should go fuck herself.

And with all this experience at the back of your mind, you are ultimately pickier than most women. You don’t tolerate idiot. You always try to pinpoint people’s flaw either consciously or unconsciously. And you can at least try to read people base on their actions and body language. And believe me, you can never go back to your normal life. You’ve pass that level already.

And here is the special benefits for the woman of your dream:

No man can think like you. No matter who your lover is, she can never be on the same level with your calmness.

You’ll know when she’s angry, and instead of you trying to force her out of that state, you let her deal with her feelings and come back to her when she’s now fully settled, and show her the precious of having a man like you by her side.

“I really love my man! He can make me happy and make me sad at the same time.”

No! Not every woman will meet a man like you. And when she did find you, she’s going to realize how lucky she is to be with you.

That is the benefits of having many woman around before settling down.

So don’t be sorry when you found yourself dating more and more women (just don’t ever dare treating anyone of them like shit. Give them total respect and remember to show them the soft side of yours), all the experience you gather while you’re on that journey will later add up in life. And you will be the head for every woman you hook up with.

With all this being said, I have to hung up for now.

See you @ the next post.


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