You Have To Understand This: Women Doesn’t Give A Fuck About You!

“People say I never get married! Why will I, when every guy around are weak?”

Just because you really love her doesn’t mean she’s going to love you back, and because you’re thinking about her have nothing to do with her virginity.

You can sit there all day telling yourself what you could do if she finally be yours and be pretending she’s now finally falling for you. That you can now touch her, rub her tissue and penetrate through her vagina with all your brain telling you “yeah baby, give me more, am dying men, yeah, am feeling it, common! Common!! Common!!! Brah!” . . . News flash! Here is your slap in the face. You’re just fantasizing on what could never happened. She didn’t give a flying fuck about you.

“My brother said he really love that girl and that girl didn’t give a flying fuck about him. Well, I’ll just lie down here pretending that am sleeping until my brother realize the reality of life.”

Just because you really want her doesn’t mean she’s interested in spending all the rest of her life with you. And because you both share some common traits doesn’t necessarily mean she’s falling head-to-toe with you. I mean, you people should be able to see everything out of reality.

You falling in love doesn’t mean you’re in love. No! You’re not. You’re just thinking about what could happen once she’s in your vicinity. And when she’s there, then . . . What did you do?

Yeah, am asking you! What did you do? Nothing!

“Look at her, very attractive. I don’t need to disturb her study. Maybe when I see her next time.” (You’re a Coward!).

Instead of you facing the truth, you’re telling yourself “yeah, I just have to give her a little time. She’s gonna be mine.” Thorrrr. . .yoo bi! Ab’oti bi ni! Face reality my friend!!!

Girls Nowadays Have Something In Common (am talking about my own experience here not “won ni – won pe”)

If you’re smart and intelligent, you have little to nothing to achieve with those babes. But if you’re a little dumbass, as in; they can manipulate you thoroughly, oh my God, you have a mansions’ room in their heart.

They just can’t fall for fools like you. But they can pretend to be in love, only to get what they want. And after that? You’re doomed.

“Hmm Clara, you always make me happy. But what if I don’t have any money again. What will you do?”

Girls want someone who can meet their needs. Looks naturally matter. Am not here to tell you that look doesn’t matter, after all, those zombies who claims you can wear the fuck you want to wear never walk around with rag all over their body. So bro, having a style of your own is awesome. Just don’t go to the extreme by impressing the people around you. That will only lead to disappointment. Do your things in your own unique way and stay genuine to yourself. And again, I realized that, when you’re in your truly unique self, you’ll be happier than being in a slub mentality.

And again, women also want someone who can think far beyond their own imaginations (after all, when everything is all said and done, someone should be there to arrange a better future for her child).

“Hmm! Now I understand what my daddy told me. Even my mum also marry him just because he understand life.”

Make hay while the sun shine.

Learn when you’re supposed to learn. And don’t forget to say “fuck you” to those girls who think being a badass is bad. After all, badasses won’t buckle for all their wishes.

Approached plenty women if you must and learn everything along the way. Don’t ever allow anyone to tell you how it’s been done if you never try it yourself. It’s a free world. And you have all the right to be who ever you want to be. (Just don’t go fucking around).

So, I think have told you little about women. And that’s the reality of life.

Until we meet again . . .

Have a joyous life.

It’s me . . .


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