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This site is running by a guy who never care about a single fucking shit, especially in his own fucking life. So don’t be surprised. . . I just hate relying on anything in this fucking life.

I have no idea about starting a website nor do I care about making money from it.
That being said, anything you read here might piss you off.

Feel free to Fuck-Off or Fuck-Me back.
It’s your choice.

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For The Simple Minded

“If you had a year to live, what would you do?” Accurate question. Very easy to hear. But hard like hell to process. Kind of like a rock bottom. Not that simple of a deal. It’s just like a plain word. No meaning at all. But after two to three times, you started realizing pattern. Pattern of your own thought. Good or bad, you’ll see it over there. Staring at you. No code. No formula. No nothing. Just a… Continue Reading →

The Journey Of A Million Years

What is dating? But then here is another dimension: “Dating is a mutual relationship between an opposite sex to feel stuck, feel stupid, and feel like a useless son of a bitch after confirming that both parties are not just meant to be together.” We all hate to hear that man. We prefer feeling cozy. We prefer half truth. But then I can’t blame any fucking body. You know why? Because I was there. I was once a victim… Continue Reading →

No Problem – Brother!

It’s not a crime to feel guilty. I was reminded. Maybe more than a million times a day. It seem stupid. But then everything seem stupid. From the day I met her up until now, it’s all seem stupid. There’s confidence in falling in love. Hence there’s bitterness. I hate the feelings. All together. Falling in love? Well, to me, not a good idea. It’s ain’t easy. I didn’t know what will happen. But now, things seem out of… Continue Reading →

At Least I Could Be Honest

Not surprising. I walked up to my ex-girlfriend and told her “I was sorry!” I was sorry for being such a useless inconsiderate asshole. I didn’t know why. But I just feel like it. And you know fucking what? Since then I was feeling better. I was feeling great about myself because at least, I could be honest with myself and maybe to the people I deeply care about. And I want to continue using that honesty. I want… Continue Reading →

There’s Confidence In Doing Things – Because We Just Have To Do Things

Although I don’t know where to write this. Should I go to a shopping mall? – Well, not everyone will like that. Okay! What if I go to my favorite restaurant? – Oh no – it’s kinda crumpy up there, with almost everyone taking a glimpse at me, trying to figure out ‘what the fuck’ I’ve been doing up there. Because it’s been up to three hours now, and yet this guy ain’t seem like leaving anytime soon. So… Continue Reading →

Welcome To Hell

I wish I could walk up to every man, telling them how wonderful it will be, if ‘only’ they could live without getting attached. I wish I could also walk up to every woman, telling them all the awesome feelings, explaining to them all the emotional off-loads they’re going to feel, only if they could live their lives, without getting attached to anything. But just the fuck it is, it seem it’s an unreachable dream. Many has been said… Continue Reading →

You Know Why It Failed…?!?

… Because I couldn’t withstand a serious relationship! I was shitty as fuck. Deregulated as fuck. Talking as fuck. And finally stupid as fuck. I didn’t have a life! How many times have you believe how wonderful you are when in reality you’re just a useless prick? We believe we’re something when actually we’re nothing! Nothing! But no! We tell ourselves wonderful things. Things we actually want to hear. Not what we should hear. We love pampering. Yeah! Pampering… Continue Reading →

I Can’t Give Her What She Wants

“The girl is not the problem. The problem is me.” If am going to explain this; all am going to say (without me actually understanding it) is that: I can’t wrap my head around women. Not because they didn’t seem cool or normal. But because am scared I might not be able to give them what they want. Women want to feel save – but I don’t want to do so. They want a loving husband – when am… Continue Reading →

The Mundane Task

Imagine yourself having a shitty woman. She didn’t care offending you. She didn’t give a fuck. She didn’t understand the word compromised. She prefers doing it her own way. But she’s cute. She’s wonderful. When we’re talking about temperament, she’s the best. You love her – deeply. You truly care about her. But the problem is… She only care about her dream. Anything else that doesn’t relate to her? Well, they could go fuck themselves. But the most eye… Continue Reading →


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