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Welcome To A Fucking Moron Territory.

This site is running by a guy who never care about a single fucking shit, especially in his own fucking life. So don’t be surprised. . . I just hate relying on anything in this fucking life.

I have no idea about starting a website nor do I care about making money from it.
That being said, anything you read here might piss you off.

Feel free to Fuck-Off or Fuck-Me back.
It’s your choice.

Are you still there ? ?? ???

OKAY! !! !!!. . . LET GO!

Yeah! These are the Latest Articles.

Welcome To Hell

I wish I could walk up to every man, telling them how wonderful it will be, if ‘only’ they could live without getting attached. I wish I could also walk up to every woman, telling them all the awesome feelings, explaining to them all the emotional off-loads they’re going to feel, only if they could live their lives, without getting attached to anything. But just the fuck it is, it seem it’s an unreachable dream. Many has been said… Continue Reading →

You Know Why It Failed…?!?

… Because I couldn’t withstand a serious relationship! I was shitty as fuck. Deregulated as fuck. Talking as fuck. And finally stupid as fuck. I didn’t have a life! How many times have you believe how wonderful you are when in reality you’re just a useless prick? We believe we’re something when actually we’re nothing! Nothing! But no! We tell ourselves wonderful things. Things we actually want to hear. Not what we should hear. We love pampering. Yeah! Pampering… Continue Reading →

I Can’t Give Her What She Wants

“The girl is not the problem. The problem is me.” If am going to explain this; all am going to say (without me actually understanding it) is that: I can’t wrap my head around women. Not because they didn’t seem cool or normal. But because am scared I might not be able to give them what they want. Women want to feel save – but I don’t want to do so. They want a loving husband – when am… Continue Reading →

The Mundane Task

Imagine yourself having a shitty woman. She didn’t care offending you. She didn’t give a fuck. She didn’t understand the word compromised. She prefers doing it her own way. But she’s cute. She’s wonderful. When we’re talking about temperament, she’s the best. You love her – deeply. You truly care about her. But the problem is… She only care about her dream. Anything else that doesn’t relate to her? Well, they could go fuck themselves. But the most eye… Continue Reading →

By Now I Think You Should Know

“That loving someone does not mean they should love you back?” It doesn’t matter how much you care. Either you cherish them or not. The truth of the reality is: loving someone does not mean they’re going to love you back! You might be the right partner for them. Or so you think. But it doesn’t qualify the love, affection and how they feel about you. I know you really want to date them. Ultimately you’re always thinking about… Continue Reading →

The Journey

“I will get over this, I promised.” I didn’t have a good plan, nor am I highly intelligent. Maybe! All am doing is just taking it a step at a time. Too much debtors, I said. I didn’t have a good sight. Just that, I was crazy like hell. Getting loan as if someone was pointing a gun at me. What a stupid me!? I moan. I was crazy. Paving up and down. Telling myself all the stupid shit… Continue Reading →


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